Hi! I'm Dulma. I write sporadically about stuff.

A few of the things I’ve done:

  • Created a blog about healthy living & mindfulness with a few thousand followers when I was in high school & college (that I have since shut down)

  • Studied international development at Brown University

  • Taught Vinyasa yoga for 3 years as a certified instructor

  • Worked at Google helping small businesses with AdWords & Analytics

  • Led marketing at an early-stage SaaS startup in San Francisco

  • Started a luxury natural fragrance company called Potion

Other fun facts: I was born in Mongolia and raised in Sacramento. (You know, one of those.) I lived in Marin County for nearly 5 years and to this day it’s my favorite place in the world. I currently live in Venice, CA where the coffee is bougie and the ocean is breezy. I like books, the smell of a campfire, and a good gin martini.