About ME

My name is Dulma, and this is my blog. 

I like figuring out how to live skillfully and sharing what I learn in the process. It's my favorite thing. And these days, my life is all about understanding who I am and unlocking the joy and power that comes with aligning my life with that clarity. It's been the best journey ever.

I write about:

  • Creativity and true self-expression (and how underrated they are)
  • What "purpose" means to me and what helps me get closer to mine
  • My journey from working at Google to self-employment & a more entrepreneurial career path
  • My marketing & startup projects where I help businesses I believe in share what they do and grow

I'm happy you're here. I hope you enjoy.

The bio

I was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I moved to Sacramento, California when I was younger. And I attended Brown University. There I studied international development, helped run our startup accelerator and taught yoga as a certified teacher to hundreds of students and professors.

These three—how rich countries and poor countries work, how to help grow great businesses & brands, and how to live a happy and meaningful life— are the questions that drive me.

I'm also a podcast junkie, SoulCycle addict, and coffee shop snob. Reach me with interesting ideas, thoughts, or questions at dulmaaltan@gmail.com. 

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