Everyone should read this

I’ve been long occupied with the question of what a just world would look like. I’ve considered the question from a geopolitical perspective (and read far too much Noam Chomsky than any 15-year-old should be reading in the process); from a financial and economic perspective (the focus of my studies at Brown); from even a spiritual perspective, since this is a lens through which I tend to view all things.

So far I’ve encountered no thinker so astute as Charles Eisenstein when it comes to weaving these perspectives together to draw out heavy but incisive truths on the state of the collective today and what true progress requires.

I won’t attempt to synthesize. I’ll only point to this essay as a worthy entry point into his body of work as a whole, which I find to be an antidote to untruth and a refreshing marriage of the empathetic and rational in a world so inclined to cleave the two apart. The subject at hand is how we measure human progress and what our current assessments leave out.

Please give it a read.

The Ideology of Development by Charles Eisenstein