Lost and found

I thought this year would be about Finding My Purpose. I was electrified with resolve, giddy and impatient. But this year has slowed me and brought me the unexpected. I am sober, I am softened. Now I see that this year has been about finding my truth and learning to share it bravely and with honesty.

I have sought truth for many years. I was an explorer charting a course to The Path, seeking a blueprint for healing. I have looked for it in yoga. In food. In mindfulness. In self-help books. In denouncing self-help. In people. In solitude. In thinking. In doing. In achieving. In quitting. In high places. In low places. I have searched and searched and searched.

I have sought healing everywhere, but the only place I keep coming back to is the truth of my own feelings and the power of telling the stories of these feelings to a loving witness. That witness is sometimes another person. That witness is sometimes the blank page of a Word document. But more often than not, that witness is just me.