Writing, I've missed you

After a long hiatus and a very special trip, here's what I've learned: I love to write. My favorite thing in the world is to think deep and hard about stuff, and to find ways of thinking about that stuff we haven't considered yet, and then to tell people about it. 

In fact, sometimes I think that's the only thing that truly makes my heart sing. When I'm spinning thoughts into words, time suspends for a second as the world gets quiet around me. Things get still. My body softens. And afterwards I feel like I've used my mind as an instrument of real value (compared to the neurotic circles that it spins the other 99% of the time). It's a nice feeling.

All that to say... I think I'll start writing again. This time I won't make any promises I can't keep, but in honor of my rediscovered pastime, I've chosen a new theme and in the process, have fucked up my past blog posts (which are still there, but need some major reformatting that I'm entirely too lazy to do). So: hello, effectively blank slate. We meet again.