Truth begets generosity

I believe that generosity and kindness are the byproducts of wholeness. I believe that only those who suffer the pangs of a fragmented soul are capable of hurting or withholding from others without feeling pain. I believe that the heart, naturally, is bonded to all other hearts, and only the chaos of the human journey can sometimes obscure this underlying intimacy, hiding it from our view.

I believe that to be good to your own heart is to allow it to unclench, expand, soar. This is where giving happens. This is where the wounds of violence are healed in every direction.

Beneath the seemingly monstrous, there is a frightened child. To never be able to cry out for help and receive a warm, responsive touch is what breaks our innate longing to cherish each other. 

There is a natural rhythm and harmony to things, and it looks like love and to overflow with love is as natural as breathing once the chains of untruth are severed.