"Growth happens in spirals"

This is a mantra I find myself chanting in solitude in times of ache, letting its truth echo around the chambers of my brain.

So it happens in spirals—meaning what?

Meaning you will find yourself where you started but it will be on a higher plane than where you were. You thought you were on a flat plane but you were ascending through a third, unseen dimension all the while. (Or were you deepening?) 

This is integration: the penetration of knowing through layers of your being. At its own knowing pace.

Growth happens in waves, but only seemingly. You think the times of quiet unmovement are fruitless, but they are, in fact, gestational. And therefore essential.

Growth happens when you ask. Knock on the door. Cup your palms together to receive. Railing against stuckness and asking for growth are two different things (and it took me many years to see this).

But if you are at the point of asking, you are already growing, the cruel paradox. So what do you do if you are not ready to ask? Ask to be made ready.

That is the most important thing.