The art of achieving Wildly Improbable Goals (WIGs)

Martha Beck is an unusual life coach: she has three degrees from Harvard and is often featured on Oprah. Lady's got some creds under her belt. But what I love about her is that she takes woo-woo concepts and brings them down to earth (kinda) by creating actionable blueprints for the dreamers who still wanna get shit done—and I like to think that's me.

Her writings help me stay sane through crazy life transitions. Therefore, sharing. Hope this provides a glimmer of guidance. It has for me.

On creating your desired reality:

"This is the zone of reality creation: regularly picturing delights that don’t yet exist, emotionally detaching from them, and jumping into action when it’s time to help the miracles occur. I’m barely learning this, to be (in T.S. Eliot’s words) “still and still moving.” But in the moments I get it right, every step I take seems to be matched by a universal mystery, which obligingly, incredibly, creates what I can’t."

On self-love and its role in achieving your biggest dreams (your "Wildly Improbable Goals"):

"You can’t force a WIG to happen, but you can create conditions that will either prevent it or invite it. One precondition is absolutely necessary: You must befriend, protect, and nurture your own spirit. This means paying attention to your real needs, treating yourself not just fairly but kindly, and standing up for yourself even if that displeases people around you. Just as a run-down body may be unable to conceive a healthy new life, a run-down soul can’t support the healthy development of the life you were meant to have."

On the non-linear path to achieving your highest goals:

"I think the reason WIGs have so much mojo is that we need a huge reservoir of desire to keep us slogging through the hard work needed to realize them. Almost invariably, the effort necessary to achieve a WIG is not less than we expect but more. That said, the process of working toward a WIG does seem to land us in extraordinary territory. Creativity coach Julia Cameron comments that her clients reap the fruit of their labors only if they are willing to go out and “shake the trees,” but weirdly, the fruit that falls almost never comes from the tree the person is shaking."