Divest from low-yield relationships.

Divest from low-yield activities.
Divest from low-yield places and events.
Divest from the bullshit you don't hate but you don't love.

"Fuck yes or no."

This has been my mantra. 

When I'm stuck in life and can't figure out what to add, I start figuring out what I can subtract. Sometimes I get zealous, and subtract my job, my relationship, my friends in one fell swoop. The ultimate life Konmari. 

But I've also found I have more joy in my life when I do it on a smaller scale.

Do I really need to read those tabs of articles from TechCrunch and Quartz and WSJ I have open right now?
Do I really want to go this event, or do I feel like I should want to go?
Do I really feel good about this "coffee chat"β€”or should I save the space for the people who most deserve my time?

There are so many things that are "meh" in life. And by default, they invade the spaces we leave open, nature abhorring a vacuum and all that. So making sure the spaces are either blissfully empty, or filled only with the beautiful stuff has taken a concerted effort on my part.

But it has been so worth it.