Finding what you love will make you powerful

Here's what I've learned:

1. Few people can answer you with a crisp, confident response when you ask them, "What drives you?" If you even give it thought and are able to deliver a 60 second summary, you're ahead of the game. 

The formula should be as follows (yes, there's a formula):

  • What you care about in the world
  • What you think is a solution
  • How you have decided to make that impact
  • What you're doing now to get there

Actually, it totally doesn't have to be that. You can lead your life not driven by some futuristic grandiose vision, but it sounds impressive if you do.

It's much easier to create a Reality Distortion Field when you speak about your big dreams with conviction.

2. Finding what you love and aligning with it makes you good at saying no to everything that doesn't fit into the gameplan. And saying no makes you sexy

3. When you know yourself better, you'll more easily find your people. And being around your people will make you happier. Discover yourself. Declare yourself. The act of broadcasting who you are will magnetize towards you the friends and opportunities that lift you higher. This can feel magical.

It's not about power over other people. It's about feeling empowered, like you can will your desires and actualize them more effectively.

Being granted a human life is a profound creative opportunity, and it would be a shame to waste it by not making interesting and beautiful things happen for yourself.