Hi! I'm Dulma.

A little about me:

I was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (the coldest capital in the world). I moved to Sacramento, CA when I was six, moved back and forth for part of my childhood and became passionate about global inequality after having been exposed to such different economic and social realities.

I went to Brown University and spent most of my time immersed in comparative literature classes or teaching yoga to students & faculty in addition to writing a senior thesis on Warby Parker (though my original topic was about the IMF).

After I graduated I moved to the Bay Area, worked at Google helping small businesses grow, and left to help startups with digital marketing. In 2017 I started an online fragrance store called Potion when I realized I couldn’t easily find nontoxic perfumes for my mom as a Christmas gift due to a lack of ingredient transparency in the industry.

Since then I’ve moved to Los Angeles and have been operating Potion as well as working on a new digital platform for women starting physical product-based brands.

Some things I enjoy: books, podcasts, writing nonfiction (essays, weird poems, literary book reviews), my spiritual practice, deep conversations over good wine or tequila, productivity hacks, coffee, and surrounding myself with people with high degrees of self-awareness and intellectual curiosity.

Some of my defining qualities:

  • I’m idealistic. I believe in striving for a world of radical generosity and compassion, and increasingly seek to exemplify those values through what I work on. It’s hard for me to work on anything that doesn’t align with my values or address a meaningful need, even if I’d get personal prestige or security in return.

  • I’m insatiably curious. If I had a superpower, it would be my endless thirst to learn. From health & wellness to the international financial system to literature to online marketing, I’ve been obsessed in different phases of my life with vastly different topics and enjoy this varied intellectual diet. I also love asking questions of people that require reflection, so my curiosity extends to interpersonal connections as well.

  • I do a lot of reflection. Understanding my own behaviors and keeping myself honest are priorities for me. If I could put any message on a billboard, it would be “What do you need to admit to yourself?” because I’ve found freedom in being relentlessly dedicated to my own truth.

  • I love to support creativity. It delights me to see people authentically express themselves through art or business, and I find deep fulfillment in helping them succeed because I know the depth of joy that comes from feeling fully expressed and want to catalyze that as much as possible for others.

  • I am not organized or structured. In fact, I could be described as having a high tolerance for chaos. This has mostly served me well on the entrepreneurial journey, but is something I also had to learn to manage for the things that matter to me.

  • I am adventurous. I prefer to order the weird thing on the menu. I’ll try most things once. I love roller coasters, road trips, and exploring ideas that normally go against my existing perspectives. I delight in variety and have no need for routine.

  • I’m incorrigibly contrarian. I like to zig when others zag and often assume that where there’s groupthink, there’s a dangerous lack of accurate, nuanced thinking. Even my political leanings are often fluid and lightly held, despite the rigor with which I may defend them. I believe in questioning my own assumptions constantly.

If you’d like to learn more about my principles, go here.