How to develop your intuition

Developing your intuition feels a lot like gaining a superpower. It feels empowering and it makes life feel benevolent, joyful, and truly miraculous. If you feel called to deepen your intuition, I recommend investing some time and energy into this to accelerate the process.

Here’s my practice for increasing your intuitive powers.

  1. Become highly attuned to yourself. This is about becoming more aware of what’s going on within you moment to moment so you know what you’re really feeling or needing at any given time. This sounds simple but it’s I find that it’s surprisingly challenging. Yet this skill is absolutely critical for all the other skills that help us live more deeply & joyfully. Learn to check in daily. Become present. Ask yourself questions the way you’d ask a precious young child: How are you feeling? What do you need right now? What’s scaring you? What’s exciting you? This is also the foundation of self-love.

  2. Act on your self-awareness. The more you say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no, the more this still small voice will speak to you. The voice of your true needs is the same voice that gives you intuitive hits, in my experience, so honor it and listen to it so it can strengthen. Ask for the things you want. Say no to the things you don’t. Remove all “should’s” from your vocabulary and actions. Be brutally selective about your social decisions. And speak up even if you don’t feel like it’s a “big deal.” (But do it with kindness.) These are the things that will help you become more in touch with yourself, which is a prerequisite to becoming more intuitive.

  3. Ask your intuition to speak to you more clearly. One magical part of being a human is that we can broadcast our desires out into the world. You can literally ask for every single thing that you want! Even if you ask, you may not always get it if it’s not in the highest good—or it may take time. But if you don’t ask, you will certainly not receive it as easily. This intentional, open-hearted asking practice (which is pretty similar to prayer) helps the Intelligence of life understand what you want so it can start working to give it to you—and it will also demonstrate to your own mind that you mean business. There’s also some hidden power to speaking things out loud or writing them down that helps them physically materialize more quickly, I find, so journal out this intention if you feel moved to.

  4. Learn to discern your intuition from fear or hope. Intuition is 1) more quiet, 2) more simple, and 3) more calm. It feels good, usually. Or more accurately, it somehow feels right. As you start to develop your intuition you’ll get “pings” that you aren’t sure about. Trust them. Don’t overanalyze them too much. The more you trust your intuitive hits, the more you’ll learn to discern their subtle signatures from everything else, even though it may seem like the process should be the other way around.

  5. Know and believe that your intuition is strong and clear. Affirm this to yourself daily. Trust it like it’s not a big deal. Remember that you live in a world where the truth can be readily accessed if we are open to it, no matter how limited our physical five senses are. The more you affirm this sixth sense as a part of your everyday toolkit, the more powerful it’ll get. You’ll start to get to a point eventually where it’ll guide you on even small day-to-day decisions, like what to say, where to go, and how to avoid little mistakes or inconveniences. The prerequisite to having this voice be your constant, trusty companion is to believe that it’s real and that anyone—including you—can access and develop it.

  6. Honor your intuition. Just like a real person will probably stop sharing with you their insights if you keep ignoring them, so will your intuition. It’s vital to honor what your intuition tells you to do or where it tells you to go when it does speak to you, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense in the moment. Very often it won’t. Trust it anyway. Don’t worry about trusting the “wrong” voice, or the voice of impulsiveness or emotion. The more you practice, the more you’ll find that the voice of your emotional impulses is very different from the voice of your deeper intuition, so very quickly you’ll learn to tell them apart and you won’t be led astray.

  7. Pay attention to external signs. Tools like tarot or oracle cards are built precisely to help you access a knowing that is not evident to the rational mind, and can therefore be a huge help. Additionally, it’s a good practice to pay attention to signs or synchronicities in the form of songs, animals, books, and coincidences you encounter in your daily life. They are often the methods that Intelligence uses to reach us if our more “direct” channels are blocked. When you operate with the assumption that everything is conspiring to guide you lovingly and communicatively, you will start to see evidence of this in every little encounter. You may even experience what I like to call “the opening of the matrix” which is when you first discover this new paradigm of intuition and metaphysics in which uncanny synchronicities start to happen at a hyper-accelerated pace. They will first seem surprising and mysterious and quickly become your new normal, which is a fun transition. :)

These tips have helped me and I hope they help you! Intuition is a gift and a pathway to miracles. And cultivating it is a great way to access your power and make the best of your life.